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Love is a variety of feelings, emotions, and attitudes. For some love is more than just being interested physically in someone, it's an emotional attachment. Love is more of a feeling that a person feels for another person. ... The basic meaning of love is to feel more than liking towards someone LUST  is incautious. Love requires significant investment. In case You're in Lust: You love living the dream. This may mean investing energy in lodgings and taking part in sexting and shallow talking, however, you would prefer not to examine genuine sentiments or any designs for what's to come
if You're in Love: You talk for a considerable length of time about everything without exception, including profound sentiments. You give it a second thought and regard how your accomplice feels just as their point of view on the world. You both feel persuaded to help each other and be a superior individual for one another you are continually taking a gander at your best with them . Your eyebrows are waxed, you are perpetually dressed to advantage, and your Brazilian is impeccable. Regardless of whether you're a man or a lady, the fact of the matter is that you take specific consideration in your appearance each time you meet them. In a relationship that depends on something other than the shallow, you and your accomplice wouldn't give it a second thought if your hair wasn't flawless some time or another in light of the fact that your relationship is considerably more than every one of that lies outside.closeness is something that you would have the option to discover in a wide range of connections. In any case, it's not something that just arrives in a physical structure. At the point when you consider two individuals being private, it's not them just only kissing, embracing, or having a ton of fun in the room. Closeness is likewise having profound discussions and hobnobbing. On the off chance that your concept of closeness is simply restricted to sexual exercises, at that point it's an issue. Alright, yet hold up a second. In case I'm enamored with somebody, wouldn't I... shouldn't I... belonging for them to joy my body and the delights of their body? All things considered, the thing that matters is desire is regularly just about progressively surface-level wants (like the physical), while love includes both the more basic wants just as a more profound consideration for and want to interface with someone else. According to me, love yani pyaar hum current generation k liye sirf ek majak ban gaya hai kyunki har banda 5-6 saalo se relationship mai unhe ye toh pata hai but pyaar hai ya nahi ye nahi pata .  jaha pyaar hai waha lust nahi ho skti . pyaar toh kisi ki shakal ya body dekh k nahi hota . lust is temporary love is permanent

conclusion- pyaar vo hai jab aap bande ki har cheez notice karte ho jaise ki mere bande ya bandi ko haldirams ki pav bhaji pasand hai vo kbhi butter chicken dekh k khush hota tha ya nuetalla  ka dabba pyaar vo cheez hai jab aap uske bday per handmade gifts bnao ,na ki materlistic cheeze , simply when you are in love aap bande ki har cheeze notice krte ho jaise ki you feel happy jab koi smile de ya hasse in middle of the conversation . while he/she is driving usse chupake se dekhna uske goals khud k goals se jada important smjhna . yahi sari cheeze hum lust mai ni notice krte bnde ki . inshot pyaar aur lust  mai bada farak hai when you are in love apko uskii har baatein har hassi har information yaad hogi but in lust apko sirf physical connectivity se matlab hoga . MAKE YOUR LOVE STORY DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS TAKI LOG BHI BOLE PYAAR HO TOH ESA.  IN THE ERA OF FUCKBOYS AND PLAYBOYS BE SOMETHING DIFFERENT PROVE YOUR LOYALITY . 

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